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Japanese panel

Also known as : Japanese panels, Japanese screen or sliding panels.
Japanese screens are appreciated by decorators. When used together with Japanese curtains, you can let your imagination run wild. They can dress a large picture window creating a softer light in the room.
You can also use Japanese blinds to divide your rooms or conceal a dressing room.

Why choose a Japanese panel?

To decorate your interior

The elegance of combined panels

Large picture windows

To separate a room and create private spaces

how to choose a Japanese panel?

› A discrete finish: Japanese panel with a "classique" rail
› A contemporary finish : Japanese panels with an "absolu" rail

Japanese panel Japanese panel Classique
  • Japanese panel

    Classique Finish

    Composed of a flat, lacquered metal rail with 2 to 5 tracks and a white metal sliding panel holder, the set includes a custom-made panel : ballast bar and velcro mounting on the panel holder.

    - 2 tracks : rail dimensions 38x17
    - 3 tracks : rail dimensions 56x17
    - 4 tracks : rail dimensions 74x17
    - 5 tracks : rail dimensions 92x17
    - Metal rail
    - PVC socket
    - Front or ceiling installation
    - Drawing : right, left or central
    - Invisible rod

    - The Japanese panel can be manually drawn using the magnetic handles or curtain wand
    - A white rail cover for the rails with 3 to 5 tracks to conceal the rail and give an even more aesthetic finish