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Aluminium Venetian blind

The Venetian blind or horizontal blind is a blind with horizontal slats allowing you to vary the light.

Why choose a Venetian blind?

To decorate your interior
The wooden Venetian blind or aluminium Venetian blind will suit any interior bringing warmth and privacy.

Windows with unusual shapes or under eaves
These interior blinds are totally customisable and tailor-made to meet your requirements.

Vary the light
Venetian blinds allow you to partially or completely block the light entering the room with their moveable slats.

› Aluminium : the Basalt classique & design aluminium Venetian blinds
›Solid wood: the Carolina & Amazone wooden Venetian blinds
›Economical : the Amazone wood-finish Venetian blinds
›Bathrooms, utility rooms and kitchens: bamboo Venetian blinds

How to choose your Wooden Venetian blind ?

› For residential use : textured, plain or varnished solid-wood slats
› For projects : M1 treatable slats

Aluminium Venetian blind Aluminium Venetian blind Basalt Classic
  • Aluminium Venetian blind

    Basalt classic

    The Classic aluminium Venetian blind is composed for 0.21mm wide aluminium slats.

    Your Venetian blind can be customised without limitation thanks to :
    - The 3 widths of slats available : 16 mm – 25 mm - 50 mm.
    - Its range of 90 colours.
    - Its operation by cord, single-control chain or winch-handle.
    - Its dimensions which can go up 3.3M in width and 3M in height

    - Single control chain
    - Motorisation
    - Blind for interglazing (25mm slats)
    - Steel guidance system
    - Mixable colours

    With an inexhaustable choice of colours, the Classic aluminium Venetian blind can be adapted to fulfill everyone wishes !